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I Will listen if you tell me who i am

John McCluskey

John's new book is simply amazing. This author does his homework. He published his novella A Moment of Fireflies with us about a year and a half ago, and I thought, "How could he top that?" Well, it's not so much of a topping situation, but this one measures up entirely to the first installment. He's simply a brilliant writer, and so let us brag again about the level of writers that we at New Plains Press have been blessed enough to publish. 

John's new book will be available on Amazon by the end of this month, but hopefully by the 21st. Keep checking back. You will see John's name placed in the Hybrid section. This book is a collection of poetry and shorts. The page count is 80 pages and the cost will be $14.95. 


New in non-fiction


How Scottie teaches welding

Scottie Smith is an award-winning welding instructor at Northwest Florida State College, and he is so well respected that the president of his school gave him a resounding affirmation for the back cover blurb that you simply have to read. I find it truly amazing the amount of time and effort Scottie places into his program and into his students, and he states in his book that his students will be the best at what they do after finishing his program, a very rigorous, yet important course of study. If you want to learn how to design a course of welding that not only meets requirements, but exceeds all expectations, then this book is for you. Look under Creative Nonfiction/Academic.  

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Marion Deutsche Cohen, Jeremy Downes, Holly Dunlap, Melissa Dickson Blackburn (Jackson), Kelly Jolley, Travis McCullers, Jimmie Ray Pennington, Emily Elizabeth Schulten (see bottom of the site), Al Shoaf, Johnny Summerfield, Carey Scott Wilkerson, and Crystal Jenkins Woods.

A few of our poets have published twice with us, so search the page for more than one title in these cases. 


John Cull, John McCluskey, Carroll Taylor, and Lee Tyler Williams

As you can see we need more works of fiction.

Creative Non-fiction/Academic

Hybrid works


We currently have a contest for the best Hybrid Work to include poetry and micro-fiction and the theme is Place (and maybe you inhabit a place or maybe you are a visitor). I would suggest reading Richard Hugo's A Triggering Town for inspiration. The reading fee for the contest is $10, and the winner gets published. The deadline is 31 August 2019. Pay your fee just below. 



Contest for a Hybrid Work


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Pay $10 to have your manuscript read for the Hybrid Contest of Poetry and Micro-fiction with the theme of Place (Imagined or Real). Send your manuscript to, and include your payment confirmation number. 

About Us

What's your interest?


We publish poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, and drama. We are not a vanity press, so your book will be read for quality (not meaning grammar, as we can fix grammar and spelling) of the story or play or poem itself. The house rules dictate appropriate books for the press. We do not charge thousands for x number of books. You make money when we make money. Let's talk more about this. Email me at

Get Excited!


We publish your book to Amazon (to include Amazon Europe), and many other online bookstores will also carry your title. We can arrange for your book to be placed into local bookstores for readings. We will send your book to contests if we think you have a chance at winning. You can send your book to contests. We will request newspapers and other media to announce publication. We can help you setting up readings if you are so inclined. If a person requests your title in a public or private library, we will work with that library to get your book placed. All we ask for is that you show some vested interest in getting your work out there. No one can represent you, like you. 

What Next?


Most of our authors' books have blurbs from experts in the writing world. We are blessed to have such talent published with us, and we do not take this for granted. If you are a new writer, do not feel intimidated in any way. The best writer I ever read, and I said, EVER read, was a convenience store clerk, and I do not believe she had a college education. College does not equal great writer. Writing might be a God-given talent given to some, but it  is also a skill that must be practiced, meaning it can be learned by the author and perfected by the author, and further perfected by the editor and publisher. But anyone can do it. And you aren't alone. A small press means more personal service.

But, I also feel that everyone has more than one story to tell. I can assist you in understanding that. 

Goings On

Jimmie Ray Loves To Read

Jimmie Ray Pennington, author of My Kentucky is getting word out. He has had two awesome readings.

Jimmie Ray Pennington, author of My Kentucky, has had two successful readings so far and is listing several places he wants to see his book. Jimmie is also a visual artist. I find his work as good if not better than Wendell Berry's poetry. 

Sicily Summer Workshops

A plate of seafood pasta.

You will travel to Sicily and finally see the world's most beautiful island, cradle of so many civilizations, and then of course you will eat the best seafood known to man. I repeat ...

Come join us for creative writing workshops, and we're inviting designers, filmmakers, authors, artisans, academics to show you how.  Use our Contact sheet to ask us more about it. 

Find time to write


It takes so little time to write a few pages, so take the time in the morning after Bible study, or in the evening before you turn in, to sit down and simply write. There's a thing that happens from that action. The words may need further attention later on when you get some real time, but you have words on a page. Poems are fashioned out of scrap word lying around. Right? 

Whats coming up?

Ro Ro Morse protecting herself.

Tony DePaul of Philadelphia has written a series of stories about Ro Ro Morse, Philadelphia's finest detective, and is she ever busy fighting the scum that populates the cavities of the dark-side of this city in this crime noir that is sure to be a winner. We are currently editing the text and getting it ready for your reading. Keep this author in mind. He published Reflexions with us, now available under Hybrid Works. 

Keeping a blog


They say that an author who keeps a blog does better on sales and on generating opportunities to share work. That's what it's all about. Learn how to blog. 

New media


Make sure you're telling people about New Plains Press every time you use new media. Also get some cards, and when you meet someone (though most writers are shy, they say) hand them a card and be proud of calling yourself a writer. 

OUR very first book


First book ever published by new plains press

Our very first author was Emily Elizabeth Schulten who lives and teaches in the Keys. She will represent her book at a conference very soon, showing that she is still very active as a writer. The first book will always be special to New Plains Press. Order just below. 


Our First Ever Book offered

Rest in Black Haw


($2.99 shipping)

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A great start for New Plains Press was the poetry collection by Emily Elizabeth Schulten. Order your copy today to help us celebrate more than 10 years as a press. Not available in Alabama. 

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